Welcome to the online home of Eland Investment, Inc. – one of the most successful diversified investment company. Based in Arizona, California, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah, Eland Investment is a company of value and integrity.

The Foremost Value Investor

About Us

Since its establishment, we have relied on our depth of experience along with our scope of investment strategies to provide our investors opportunities to generate lucrative return on their secured investments. We attribute our

success to our honesty, integrity and workmanship. We do not take advantage of our investors. We don’t operate on false promises. We practice and deliver what we preach. We do not participate in risky and hoax business ventures. We invest smart and in return we deliver what we envisioned to our investors.

We build our goals and strong relationships with our investors and partners based on two simple ideologies, “Strategy and Vision”. Our vision is clear, “if you don’t make money, neither do we!” And we have been in business since 2001 and still going. And our strategy is ironclad, that we 100% secure your investments by delivering the monthly income per our promise and we secure our investors and partners’ investment by recording their names on properties or projects we invest. We provide 110% peace of mind!

Meet Our Staffs

Mikail K.

Founder - Chairman/Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor of Science in Business Law and JD

Nina K.


Master in Business Management

Robert K.

Senior Vice President and Chief Operation Officer

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Ellen G.

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer

Bachelor of Science in Business

Michael N.

Senior Vice President and Director

Bachelor of Science in Marketing

Zari L.

Director of Sales and Public Administration

Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration 

Sofia B.

Operations and Secretary

Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership


There is Always Room for More!

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